Update – Pagination Controls

I improved some pagination controls which in certain rare cases could cause the Content Area heading to jump inside a subject area.

As usual, right-click on the links below and choose Save As… Open the forms with the genuine Adobe Reader application, freely available from Adobe’s website.

Intermediate 1.67 Fillable
Intermediate French Im 1.67 Fillable
Intermediate DRS 1.67 Fillable
Intermediate DRS French Im 1.67 Fillable
Primary 1.67 Fillable
Primary French Im 1.67 Fillable

As well, here are the latest competency rubrics from the CSL group, including “Student Friendly” (SF) versions.

Right-click and Save As… to save locally.

Create and Innovate
Critical Thinking

Rubrics in Student Friendly Language
SF Create & Innovate
SF Contribute
SF Collaborate
SF Critical Thinking

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