New Draft Rubrics

Hello everyone,
Over the past several months the K – 12 Assessment Committee has been working to develop a preliminary assessment tool to support the Competencies for use with the Communicating Student Learning Reporting Template.

To that end, the committee is pleased to have 4 draft rubrics ready for you. Members of the committee will be collecting feedback from you to help in refining this work later this year. In addition to this, last week the Ministry of Education released their draft assessment tools. Many of you likely saw them as part of 2 excellent professional learning opportunities on April 11/2014.

Please find attached the 4 SD 48 documents, a link to the new Ministry curriculum and assessment site, and the most recent version of the SD48 Reporting Template.

Marilyn Caldwell

The Assessment Committee:
April Lowe Brianne Aldcroft Craig Smith Diane Hart Dixie Cameron Dori Faulkner Heather Lewis Heidi Kubin Katrina Doherty Lisa Smart Leslie Drinovz Louise Wick Lynne Bouchard Marilyn Caldwell Nolan Cox Peter Jory Scott Mclagan Sharon Broatch Susan Allen Susan Jacobs Tina Sherlock Susan Whitehead Sean Carter Fran Booth Heather Lafreniere Nick Parsloe Tess Marining

K-12 Creativity and Innovation
K-12 Contribute
K-12 Collaboration
K-12 Critical Thinking

BCED Transforming Curriculum and Assessment

Intermediate April 15


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