Our New Report Cards

Hello all,

The long term plan for this page is to be a blog that captures and shares the thinking our teachers have about communicating student learning as it evolves over time. For today, it is a place where anyone can come and download these report card templates to use, adapt, or just add to a discussion.

A huge and special thank you goes to the CSL committee in SD48 for all of their great work, and to Scott McLagan who spent hours building these updatable forms. These reporting forms are currently OPTIONAL for primary and intermediate teachers in our district, and many teachers will be using them in the upcoming reporting session.

If you adapt and use these forms in another district, please let us know and please do share any changes you make so that we can learn from your work as well. We would also love to see any forms you have created as we are constantly impressed by the great thinking that is going on around the province in this very exciting time. While we are very pleased with the work that has occurred, we want everyone to keep in mind that our forms represent a conversation that is ongoing, and the forms are subject to change as the conversation moves forward.

Some things to know about the forms:

1. These were built using Livecycle in AdobeCS6. It allows for a balance of customization and template security – it is hard to break the form when using it. It requires a “save as” process but templates can include some of the same comments. Comments can be copied and pasted in and out. Creating a card with a comment bank would be a help to you.

2.  The information is organized intentionally in order of what our teachers’ value. Boxes expand with text. Future intermediate versions may not include letter grades at all and it is configured with that in mind.

3. The radio buttons are not visible when the form prints. The user can control how many self-regulation aspects, student or teacher goals, and courses appear for reporting. Specific comments and can be placed in most areas.

4. The competencies are from our district’s Pathways to Learning Education Plan but could be adapted to the Ministry language. We are going to use them as they are. The choice to use frequency may change when criteria can be agreed upon.

5. We acknowledge that these “may” not fully meet all Ministry requirements but we will continue to engage in that conversation.

We look forward to your comments.


Marilyn Caldwell (Director of Student Services)
Peter Jory (Director of Technology and Innovation)

Template Instructions
Parent Letter

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